Thursday, September 6, 2012

MLB Uniforms

I decided to redo my baseball uniform concepts. A couple of notes:

1. I dropped alternate uniforms all together. No doubt some teams had some nice ones, but I prefer old fashioned, especially when it comes to baseball. So just home white (or cream) and road grays.

3. Also I really cut down on alternate hats. Certainly no alternate logos on hats (which is unfortunate because I liked Minnesota's TC alternate). At most a different color hat brim or different colored logo on the cap.

4. Its the city on the cap (no logos, just letters). For the jersey's it is (for the most part) the city name on the away jersey and the nickname on the home jersey.

5. Expanded the league so there is an even 16 teams in each league, bringing back Montreal and adding in Charlotte too. Two division per league, schedule would have 12 games against each team in your division, 9 against each team in other division in the league. No interleague games. That's 156, which I think would be better, cutting off a few games could avoid the bad weather early or late in the season. If you insist on 162 games you could have a home and home series against your "natural" interleague rival.

6. All credit for the templates goes to Wikipedia user Silent Wind of Doom. The templates went a long way to helping me get started.

American League East:

Baltimore Orioles - I really want to bring diversity in color and identity, so it makes sense to have the Orioles with orange as their primary color. I like the cartoon bird logo, but it needed a little more so I added the team name around it. And also I like using the Maryland flag in the secondary logo. For the uniforms I went with a little 70s/80s look on the shoulder stripes.

Boston Red Sox - Well they are the Red Sox, so I just emphasized red in the uniform.

Charlotte Knights - I moved the Knights up the majors. Charlotte just worked out well, putting another eastern time zone team in the AL, allowing me to use the awesome uniforms from The Natural as a template, and creating a decent interleague rival for Atlanta if needed. I kept the existing black and gold scheme, and needless to say had to incorporate the lightning bolt from the movie into the secondary logo.

Cleveland Indians - I agree with the push to dump Chief Wahoo, so the logos are new, basing the primary on their city flag. If they are switching up their identity they might as well move away from the overused navy and red, to maroon and light blue, which worked great for the Phillies back in the 80s. Cream home jersey gives off a good old school vibe for one of the original 16 teams.

Detroit Tigers - The Tigers have a nice and simple old school look, though I moved away from the D on the home jersey to the nickname.

New York Yankees - Obviously no changes here to this classic.

Tampa Bay Rays - I think their current colors work if you make light blue the primary. Changing the font and logo back to the original design makes it more distinct.

Toronto Blue Jays - Yeah it seems like a sin to have baseball teams outside of America, but oh well. Their recent update is pretty good, though instead of navy and royal blue when back to royal blue and light blue, plus added their T on the cap instead of the bird logo. 

American League West:

Anaheim Angels - I think they need to downplay the navy, make the yellow more the secondary color. Also, obviously just going back to Anaheim instead of Los Angeles, since that is where they play and all.

Chicago White Sox - The existing ones are good, but I like the team name rather than a letter cap logo on the jersey where possible. Plus I wanted a C for Chicago rather than SOX on the cap.

Colorado Rockies - I thought it better for them to be in the AL over the Astros. Seems like Colorado would be a natural rival for Kansas City. I downplayed the purple making black the primary, also dumped the silver. The pinstripes never really worked for me with Colorado.

Dallas Rangers - I'm not a fan of using state names, especially when there are other teams in the same state. They don't actually play in Dallas, but then again neither do the Cowboys. I switched to the red primary to change it up a bit, from all the other blue and red teams. Also went back to the original logos.

Kansas City Royals - They have an under rated classic uniform. No need to make changes to it.

Minnesota Twins - The Twins have another simple and good look. I think their twins shaking hands logo should become the primary. The pinstripes on the road grays are unique touch.

San Jose Athletics - They really ought to just let the A's move down to San Jose. In reality they share the same market as the Giants, so the idea that San Jose is exclusively Giants' territory makes no sense, especially since they are actually going to be further away from San Francisco than they are now in Oakland. Uniforms don't change much, switching the white elephant to the primary, and SJ on the cap.

Seattle Mariners - Not big changes, just ditching silver, changing the teal to more of a green, and making that more prominent, especially in the cap logo.

National League East:

Atlanta Braves - The uniforms work, but I never liked how they had their wordmark as their primary logo, so I made the crossing tomahawks their primary logo.

Cincinnati Reds - Good uniforms and logo, just ditch all the unnecessary black.

Miami Marlins - Their new uniforms from a few years ago are brutal. I went back to the original design, but making green and orange more prominent. Not enough green in baseball, and it is also the colors of the city flag. I bringing back the pinstripes at home makes a nice mix of modern with green/black and classic.

Montreal Expos - Pretty much brought back the exact uniform design from before they left. It was a nice design so no need to make changes.

New York Mets - The only real major change is taking the bridge out of logo. The bridge made them too similar to the Giants logo I designed, and it seems more appropriate for the bridge to be in a San Francisco logo.

Philadelphia Phillies - A modern classic, no need for changes.

Pittsburgh Pirates - Again, another good, classic look. The only changes here are dumping the red and just keeping it simple with black and yellow.

Washington Nationals - It is hard to tell if the Nats are supposed to be red or navy blue. I went back through the previous two Washington Senators franchises and blue was their main color for all but the last few years in town, but I decided to go with red over navy as the primary. The original Nationals font looks good, and the cream changes them up a bit from the other red and navy teams. Added a new logo that is much less generic than their existing one.

National League West:

Arizona Diamondbacks - Their old teal/purple/copper look was certainly unique, but it just doesn't work with baseball. Keeping the darker red but making the gold a secondary instead of black. You really can't put "Dbacks" on the jersey, just awful, so I put the full name on the home whites. Also dumped the D cap logo, as I much prefer the city/state letter to the nickname letter for caps.

Chicago Cubs - I never really liked their pinstripes for some reason, so I ditched them. I also changed up the font. I love the National League patch on their right sleeve so I kept it around.

Houston Astros - Their new look is pretty good, but they should have added in the shooting star on the workmarks. New logos as well, since what they have now is pretty generic and really only a modification of the cap logo. And of course orange as the primary so they don't look the same as all the other navy teams out there.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Nothing to change up here really. Just pulled the LA sleeve patch which is repetitive, for a new one with the secondary logo I made up.

Milwaukee Brewers - I thought about the old MB ball and glove logo, but I do really like their current cap logo. I think going to yellow instead of gold makes them a little more vibrant. The old jersey fonts are much sharper than the new ones. Also a new logo in a beer keg type design for them.

San Diego Padres - Ditching the navy here, they are way too generic now. I think it would be good to go back to the original brown and yellow. While they aren't trendy colors that will sell lots of merchandise, it is unique in baseball, and for anyone over 30 it is what you think of with the Padres. Some shoulder stripes also give them a retro look. And of course you make the monk the primary logo again.

San Francisco Giants - The real change here is the logo, their current logo is real generic, so I put together one with the Golden Gate Bridge, gives them some local flavor.

St Louis Cardinals - Really nothing to change with the Cardinals, just a great look. The only thing I would change is to have the city name on the away jersey.


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