Thursday, September 6, 2012

MLB Uniforms

Like my NFL set I decided to redo my baseball uniform concepts in higher resolutions. A couple of notes:

1. I dropped alternate uniforms all together. No doubt some teams had some nice ones, but I prefer old fashioned, especially when it comes to baseball. So just home white (or cream) and road grays.

2. Also I really cut down on alternate hats. Certainly no alternate logos on hats (which is unfortunate because I liked Minnesota's TC alternate).

3. For the most part it’s the city on the cap (no logos, just letters). For the jerseys it is (for the most part) the city name on the away jersey and the nickname on the home jersey. Also no numbers on the front (again for the most part). They always look asymmetrical and clunky to me, plus they weren't even used until the 1950s.

4. The MLB commissioner has said expansion is likely to happen soon. I decided to expand out to 40, with 4 "leagues" Eastern, Midwestern, Southern, and Pacific. I'd ultimately bring back Montreal and add in Hartford, Charlotte, Nashville, New Orleans, San Antonio, San Juan, Indianapolis, Portland, and Vancouver.

5. All credit for the templates goes to Chris Creamer's . The templates went a long way to helping me get started.

Eastern League:

Baltimore Orioles - I really want to bring diversity in color and identity, so it makes sense to have the Orioles with orange as their primary color. I like the new bird in roundel, as well as the older version of the script font. And also I like using the Maryland flag in the secondary logo.

 Boston Red Sox - Well they are the Red Sox, so I just emphasized red in the uniform.

Hartford Whalers - Granted, there are already 3 teams drawing fans from the Hartford area, but it is one of the larger metro areas without a pro sports team. Plus the northeast is one of the stronger areas for baseball support, and I couldn't resist bringing back the awesome Whalers design, in baseball form.

Montreal Expos - Really just bringing back much of the classic old design, this time with the vintage thick shoulder stripes.

New York Mets - No big changes, just sticking with blue and orange, no black. Keeping things simple, and making the cream their home set.

New York Yankees - Obviously no changes here to this classic.

Philadelphia Phillies - A modern classic, no need for changes.

Pittsburgh Pirates - Again, another good, classic look. The only changes here are dumping the red accents and just keeping it simple with black and yellow.

Toronto Blue Jays - Their recent update is pretty good, though instead of navy and royal blue went back to royal blue and light blue, plus added their T on the cap instead of the bird logo.

Washington Nationals - It is hard to tell if the Nats are supposed to be red or navy blue. I went back through the previous two Washington Senators franchises and blue was their main color most of the time, but then switched to red the last few years in town. So I decided to go with  navy as the primary. The original Nationals font looks good, and the cream changes them up a bit from the other red and navy teams. Added a new logo that is much less generic than their existing one.

Midwestern League:

Chicago Cubs - Not many changes here, ditching the sleeve patch on the home jersey, with the left chest logo it made the jersey a bit too unbalanced. I also changed up the away jersey font.

Chicago White Sox - The existing ones are good, but I like the team name rather than a letter cap logo on the jersey where possible. Plus I wanted a C for Chicago rather than SOX on the cap.

Cincinnati Reds - Good uniforms and logo, just changing up the drop shadow black for simple outlines. They get to keep the front numbers as they are a nice balance to the logo on the front.

Cleveland Indians - I'm good with the Indians nickname, but agree that that Chief Wahoo logo is dated and can be viewed as offensive by many, so the logos are new, basing the primary on their city flag. If they are switching up their identity they might as well move away from the overused navy and red, to maroon and light blue, which worked great for the Phillies back in the 80s. Cream home jersey gives off a good old school vibe for one of the original 16 teams.

Detroit Tigers - The Tigers have a nice and simple old school look, though I moved away from the D on the home jersey to the nickname, based on their 1928 jersey, also the older version of the script on the away jersey. This is probably considered blasphemy by lots of Tigers fans.

Indianapolis Blues - Going with the old national league team name. Naturally blue and navy for the colors, and using the state and city flags for the logos.

Kansas City Royals - They have an under rated classic uniform. No need to make changes to it.

Milwaukee Brewers - I thought about the old MB ball and glove logo, but I do really like their current cap logo. I think going to yellow instead of gold makes them a little more vibrant. The old jersey fonts are much sharper than the new ones. Also a new logo based on a fan design contest they did a few years back.

Minnesota Twins - The Twins have another simple and good look. Just changed up the twins shaking hands logo to incorporate the TC lettermark. The pinstripes on the road grays are unique touch.

St Louis Cardinals - Really nothing to change with the Cardinals, just a great look. The only thing I would change is to have the city name on the away jersey, make the home an old fashioned cream, and dump the numbers on the front.

Pacific League:

Arizona Diamondbacks - Their old teal/purple/copper look was certainly unique, but it just doesn't work with baseball. Keeping the darker red but making the gold a secondary instead of black. You really can't put "Dbacks" on the jersey, just awful, so I put the full name on the home whites. Also dumped the D cap logo, as I much prefer the city/state letter to the nickname letter for caps. Needless to say I find their 2016 update revolting.

Colorado Rockies -  I downplayed the purple making black the primary, also dumped the silver. The pinstripes never really worked for me with Colorado. They’ve really only had the primary logo, and partial version of it, decided to come up with a nice alternate logo for them as a sleeve patch.

Anaheim Angels – Obviously going back to calling them by their correct name. Added a little more yellow into their design to change them up from other red and navy teams. I kind of like the navy cap with red A and brim better than the all red look, but you’ve already got the Braves and Twins with similar looks.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Nothing to change up here really. Just pulled the LA sleeve patch which is repetitive, for a new one with the secondary logo I made up.

Oakland Athletics - Hopefully they stay in Oakland, seems to be more likely as the city becomes a sort of Brooklyn of the Bay Area. No big changes, and letting them keep the Athletics A instead of an O for Oakland. Just some minor tweaks to the logos.

Portland Pioneers - Surprisingly there isn't a blue and yellow team in MLB, which is a good combo. Adding a little contrasting black in too. Primary logo comes from the city flag pinwheel, while also taking the old Portland Beavers logo as a secondary design.

San Diego Padres - Ditching the navy here, they are way too generic now. I think it would be good to go back to the original brown and yellow. While they aren't trendy colors that will sell lots of merchandise nationally, it is unique in baseball, and for anyone over 30 it is what you think of with the Padres. And of course you make the monk the primary logo again, and if we are going throwback, add in some of those thick shoulder stripes.

San Francisco Giants - The real change here is the secondary logo, their current primary logo is real generic, so I put together one with the Golden Gate Bridge, gives them some local flavor.

Seattle Mariners - No big changes, just ditching silver, changing the teal to more of a green, and making that more prominent, especially in the cap logo. A neat secondary logo, based on their unique city flag.

Vancouver Mounties - Combining aspects of various incarnations of Vancouver baseball franchises. With Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver it creates a nice three way northwest rivalry.

Southern League:

Atlanta Braves - The uniforms work, but I never liked how they had their wordmark as their primary logo, so I made the crossing tomahawks their primary logo.

Charlotte Knights - Like Nashville just bringing up their minor league team to the majors. I like the Knights previous design with the horse logo as a secondary, modifying the old wordmark to create a crest as their primary. Other change here is going to lighter shade of blue as the secondary color.

Dallas Rangers - I'm not a fan of using state names, especially when there are other teams in the same state. They don't actually play in Dallas, but then again neither do the Cowboys. I switched to the red primary to change it up a bit, from all the other blue and red teams. Also went back to the original logos, which are a little more unique.

Houston Astros - Their new look is pretty good, but they should have added in the shooting star on the wordmarks. Their new logo is kind of generic and really only a modification of the cap logo, but it is decent enough with some slight color changes. And of course orange as the primary so they don't look the same as all the other navy teams out there.

Miami Marlins - Their new uniforms from a few years ago are brutal. I went back to the original design and colors, though a slightly more greenish shade of teal. Using cream here at home creates a nice mix of classic with modern colors. Also I ditched the marlin for the cap M logo, to simplify things.

Nashville Sounds - The minor league team looks pretty good, but I thought using the navy and gold colors from the Nashville flag would make them stand out a bit more. I like the guitar pick logo a lot, created a modified version for their primary.

New Orleans Zephyrs - Liking the old minor league team's design, just with a more New Orleans / Mardi Gras color theme. Never big on purple in sports, but purple and yellow work, its unique for baseball, and work for the city. The minor league rebrand recently came up with a great crest as a secondary logo.

San Antonio Chaparrals - Taking the original identity of the Spurs and converting it to the new baseball team, using part of that logo along with the existing minor league Missions design. Dark green and a grayish blue look great together.

San Juan Cangrejeros - Using the Puerto Rican League team and moving them up to the majors. Loving their existing crab logo as well as the cap logo and Cardinals-like crab on bat jersey design. Just an excellent look altogether.

Tampa Bay Rays - I think their current colors work if you make light blue the primary. Changing the font and logo back to the original design makes it more distinct.


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  2. Hi, hehe They look cool but only one seems for me to be so funny... the Boston Red Sox don;t you think placing the sox on a ball it wasn't a good idea? The seams on the ball look like the sox smell :P if You now what I mean :) Great post You put so much work in it, thanks for posting, cheers. Guy from Bookmakers bet

  3. Nice work overall!
    Big NO to the Tigers home jersey. That's as timeless as the other ones you left alone.
    Not crazy about the number font for the Giants and Astros reverting to MLB Generic.
    I would not be so dogmatic about the "home city initial on caps only" rule. While it eliminates the mistake Arizona is making currently, it eliminates timeless designs from the White Sox, Blue Jays and Orioles. With Colorado, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Charlotte and the Cubs, does your league really need another stylized C for the Sox?

    1. Thanks. Totally understand on Detroit. They are timeless, I'm just not a fan of the D on the chest. I did some research on the Sox, surprisingly they used a stylized C pretty frequently throughout their history, their current look is just classy that you'd think they've been using it forever. But I'm just a big fan of the teams being heavily associated with their city/region, that's why I go letter logo on the cap.

  4. Nice work, but I disagree with taking away the bridge from the Mets' logo.

    After all, the AL has two "Sox/sock" teams and it's not like people get them confused.

    In addition, Citi Field has the "Shea bridge" as a prominent part of it's theming. And I'm pretty sure there are more bridges in New York than in the bay area.

    Just my two cents worth.

    1. Thanks, very true. It does like sort of empty without the bridge. I had always thought they should try to incorporate the Statue of Liberty in there somehow.

  5. Too much gold on the Pirates logo. Looks like jaundice.

  6. I've tried writing a long and civil explanation,but it keeps kicking me off. I loved all these, but Dallas Rangers is like spitting in the eye of Tarrant County where they play. Dallas fans only show up when they are good. Please fix this. Arlington and Fort Worth thank you. I can't emphasize enough how offensive Dallas Rangers is.

  7. I've tried writing a long and civil explanation,but it keeps kicking me off. I loved all these, but Dallas Rangers is like spitting in the eye of Tarrant County where they play. Dallas fans only show up when they are good. Please fix this. Arlington and Fort Worth thank you. I can't emphasize enough how offensive Dallas Rangers is.

  8. I've tried writing a long and civil explanation,but it keeps kicking me off. I loved all these, but Dallas Rangers is like spitting in the eye of Tarrant County where they play. Dallas fans only show up when they are good. Please fix this. Arlington and Fort Worth thank you. I can't emphasize enough how offensive Dallas Rangers is.

    1. Well if you are actually offended by a uniform design I'm not sure what to say. But after looking into a bit it seems the consensus is their fan base is less in Dallas and more so in the rest of the metroplex. I'll switch it up to Arlington.

  9. These are great. The Padres and Brewers changes need to happen ASAP.

    1. Thanks. I do love the old school brown Padres as well.

  10. Hey great work, very interesting. Some I love, some not as much lol.

    I was wanting to know how you did this, I've always wanted create my own version for NBA, MLB, NFL and more. Just curious if you used a certain program with the templets or what. Thanks

    1. Thanks. Actually I mainly used MS Paint. Also a really old program that came with a scanner I bought in the 90s called iPhoto express, mainly for typeface stuff and resizing of graphics. To create the templates I simply uses existing uniform graphics on the internet and saved them as a 16 color image in paint, that simplified the images such that they could be basic templates and easy to work with using the primative tools in paint. Likewise I did the same with various graphics I found online. It should be pretty easy to save my images and convert them over to templates for you to play around with.

  11. Did you recently make some additions to this project? I don't recall seeing the Crabbers, Diablos, Sounds or Mounties when I last viewed this page. Also, it appears you swapped color schemes for the Knights and Stingers. Not sure I like this change. Gold seems like a more appropriate color choice for a team called the "Knights" than green. I do, however, like the new color scheme for the Pioneers.

    1. Yes, added some new ones in there. I switched up the Knights and Stingers mainly because when adding teams and realigning the leagues it seemed repetitive to have black/gold Knights with black/yellow Pirates. I think you are right that they do look better with the gold. Thanks for the feedback.

  12. For the jerseys it is (for the most part) the city name on the away jersey and the nickname on the home jersey. Also no numbers on the front ...

  13. Did you recently update the Knights logo?

    P.S. I'd love to see your take on a New Orleans and Las Vegas team!

    1. Thanks, yes I did update the Knights logo. I'll get working on some ideas for New Orleans and Las Vegas. I've done San Juan, Mexico City, Vancouver, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Portland, and an updated Montreal Expos. Vegas and NOLA would be fun to try.

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  15. LOVE the Whalers and Zephyrs designs! Would still like to see something Vegas-themed. Great update!

  16. Just out of curiosity, where did you find those wordmarks for the Vancouver Mounties?

    1. The Mounties wordmark I modeled off of an old jersey I found an image of on internet. I think I just found I a font I liked for the Vancouver wordmark.

  17. Do you remember which font you used for the "Mounties" wordmark?