Thursday, September 6, 2012

MLB Uniforms

Much like my NFL uniform concepts there are a few basic ideas here when doings the MLB uniforms:

1. Tradition is important, especially in baseball, so crazy designs need not apply (for the most part). A lot of the looks I kept, no need to change what works for many of these teams.

2. Likewise enough with 5 different uniform combos, in baseball it should be simple, home white (or cream), gray road, and you can have ONE alternate, which would be for home interleague games, to keep things consistent.

3. Also, no colored jerseys, this isn’t softball. If you really like colors you can buy the batting practice / spring training uniforms.

4. While throwbacks are good, it’s kind of hard to do a real 1920’s throwback when uniform material, fitting, etc are so different. So with a lot of these alternates that are sort of throwbacks, but not really, more like lifting old school designs into a modern uniform.

5. Uniform identity is important, your colors can help tie you to the city / fan base, make you easily identifiable when someone puts a game on, and lastly can actually win you some fans if you have a good design. That being said, I did a lot of these with the premise of not having multiple teams that look the same, which is tough considering so many baseball teams have some combo of blue/navy and red.

6. Home uniforms have the nickname and road unis have the city/region name (for the most part).

7. No logos on caps! Just the signature letter mark.

8. Socks or stirrups, whatever you wear at least wear your pants cuffed properly up higher and not down over your ankles!

9. All credit for the templates goes to Wikipedia user Silent Wind of Doom. The templates went a long way to helping me get started.

New York Yankees:

Hey no need to mess with a classic. Now yes, it’s a bit annoying that their cap NY is different than their jersey NY, but its quirky tradition I’m willing to let slide. For the alternate, they do have some old throwback designs I could have used, but keeping their home design and just switching from pinstripes to cream gives it a traditional feel that works for the Yankees.

Boston Red Sox:

They have red in their name, why so much navy? The overall design is simple, clean, classic… it works, just need to emphasize red in the uniforms. Like the Yankees, their uniforms have kept pretty much the same, one option was based on the 1908 unis that had a large red sock across the front of the jersey, too ugly for my tastes. So I went with one based on the 1902 uni, with Boston “B” on the right chest, and an “A” for American League on the left chest.

Baltimore Orioles:

Hey, I like the Orioles’ new/old bird head logo as much as the next guy, but those types of logos just don’t belong on major league caps. Go back to the “O’s” design. Also emphasize the orange more to make them stand out. Overall uni design is pretty good, and it’s really been the same for almost the entire history of the team. For an alternate, I know I am breaking my own rule, but this one exception, a design based on the Orioles 1901 all black design. You probably want to wear this one only for night games; it’s got to get pretty hot wearing that under the summer sun. By the way, in addition to the cool bird logo, also like the Maryland flag incorporation into their secondary logo. A nice link with their sister franchise in the NFL.

Toronto Blue Jays:

First things first, drop the bird logo the cap. Their typeface makes a distinctive “T” logo for the cap. They did a good job going back to their old design, but no need to modernize the bird as they did, I am good with bringing back the original design unchanged. I like keeping the maple leaf visible, just to stress themselves as Canada’s franchise. The alternate has some thick shoulder and pant stripes, again a call back to popular elements from 70s/80s uniforms.

Tampa Bay Rays:

Like it or not the (Devil) Rays original design and colors were distinctive. Now they have homogenized themselves with navy, and worse yet, light blue, and yellow. While navy, light blue and yellow is an amazing look (for the San Diego Chargers) is super trendy, every sports teams is adopting it now, so their current look get a zero for originality. The overall design is bland too; so I pulled from their old design with a new color scheme. Go back to green, throw some orange in there and they look like a Florida team, especially one that would play in a stadium named after orange juice. Imagine how great this team would look playing at the very cool proposed new stadium on the bay that sadly got scrapped.

Chicago White Sox:

Another team with a good looking design. No need for a change. For the alternate I pulled from their 80s horizontal panel look, but kept the current black and white color scheme. I love the old winged sock logo they had, so I brought that back, substituting the yellow background for gray.

Minnesota Twins:

Another simple and clean look. Swapped in a cream colored minimalist home design, and keeping the “TC” cap logo for home, with the “M” on the road. I really like the pinstripe gray road uniforms, another distinct feature. The white alternates also use the Twin Cities interlocking letters. And their alternate logo with the Minneapolis and St Paul “twins” shaking hands is a really cool.

Kansas City Royals:

Yet another simple and classic, if often overlooked design. No much in the way of changes here. For the alternate I put a modified “KC” crown crest on the chest, a nice change of pace from the standard home uni.

Detroit Tigers:

Like the Yankees they feel the need to confuse us with slightly different cap and jersey “D” logos, but hey, I’m not going to stand in the way of tradition when it comes to baseball uniforms, even if it is a stupid one. Yet another simple and classic design. The alternate jersey vest stands out with the tiger “D” and a little more orange than the usual home uniform.

Cleveland Indians:

Yeah, I know I changed up the Redskins in my NFL uniform concepts, but Redskins is far more insulting than Indians is. I took out the Chief Wahoo logo though. So the big change here is from blue/navy and red to scarlet and light blue. Here’s the thing, too many teams use the blue/navy and red color scheme in baseball, teams all look the same. This still keeps blue and red, but different hues that are unique. I like their script fonts, and simple “C” on the hat, and a cream home jersey. Meanwhile the alternate white has all sorts of 70s/80s design elements that give it one of those nice “awesome ugly” throwback looks.

Anaheim Angels:

Can we stop calling them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim please? Come on Angels, everyone knows where you are, just own that you are in the suburbs of Los Angeles and be Orange County’s team.  So on that note, they need to throw “Anaheim” back into the road jerseys. Design, font, and logo wise they have everything looking good. Like so many teams they need to break from the blue and red pack. Just go red and yellow, it’s not in use in now, and the yellow makes sense with the halos.

Seattle Mariners:

I’d rather see them move from teal to a more green hue as their secondary color. And in doing so ties them in better with Seahawks, make Seattle recognizable as navy and green. Another team that pretty much has a good design going for them already, just need to cut down on the silver, it doesn’t really work in baseball. For the alternate I took the trident “M” logo and font, used the current colors, and put in some 70s/80s thick stripes.
Texas Rangers:

If the Rangers would just decide if blue or red was their primary color the current uniforms would be fine. I made the choice for them, it’s blue. They still get to bust out the red caps though, maybe Sunday reds or something with their alternate jerseys, which have the old Rangers script font.

Houston Astros:

Well when it comes to crazy jerseys let stick them down in Houston. I brought back the old orange and navy color scheme as well as the star-H caps. The home jerseys look good with the old shooting star Astros font. I kept the current Houston script for the road jerseys, but took away the underline, which just didn’t look right. For the alternate, it’s a variation of orange rainbow look, using the Astros font from the 90s.  For team logo they needed something different, so slightly modified the Texas-star logo, also I modified their 45th anniversary patch to be used as a secondary logo.
San Jose Athletics:

Selig just needs to let the A’s move from that awful stadium in Oakland to some new revenue generating digs in the Southern part of the bay. Not really sure how the Giants can block this, by moving from Oakland to San Jose they’d actually be further away from San Francisco then they are now. And if MLB let the Expos move into Washington despite the Orioles complaints there should be no reason why the A’s can’t find a home in San Jose. That said, the A’s are great as the one team actually wearing green, looking good with the contrasting yellow-gold. Obviously the Oakland script changes to San Jose on the road uniforms, but very little change besides that. The golden “A’s” and no player names on the alternates give them an nice traditional feel for a franchise that has been around for 100+ years, even if they have called 4 cities (assuming the San Jose move happens) home.
Philadelphia Phillies:

They’ve already got one of the best looks in baseball. The only thing that needs to be fixed are the alternate uni socks, instead of the current reds go to blue with red stripes, to match the hat colors.

Atlanta Braves:

Hey if you ditch all their colored alternates it’s a solid jersey design. Some might find all the color around the button seams excessive, and yeah it is, but it’s their look, so I am fine with it. For the alternates I thought the navy font and tomahawk stands out well with the old cream color. Logo speaking I don’t think the tomahawk script should be their primary logo, that’s a wordmark logo, it shouldn’t be both. So the existing double tomahawk seal type thing works.
New York Mets:

I don’t hate the black in their uniforms as much as others, so long as it’s minimal. I mean they did replace the Giants (orange and black) and Dodgers (blue) so having all three colors is fine, so long as black is in moderation. And I am a big fan of the just blue and orange, cream pinstripe alternate look they have now. Plus throw in a Mr. Met for the secondary logo and you have something nice. Yeah I know Mr. Met is incredibly lame compared to his rival the awesome, perfect, incredible, iconic, and stately Phillie Phanatic, but Mr. Met has a lovable loser thing going, and if the Mets are going to be losers, you’d think they’d at least want to be loveable losers.

Washington Nationals:

So it’s 2005, the Expos are set to move to DC and can start fresh, make a name for themselves, literally. What do they do? Pick a boring (though historic) name like the Nationals (rather than the better Senators) and go with an uninspired, generic color scheme. Now yeah I know that they probably want red, white and blue/navy since they are in the nation’s capital, but it’s been done to death in baseball. Hey at least they have two cool letter marks with the “W” and “DC”. So I changed them up, and used the Redskins color scheme (more of that city synergy). They look different than all the other teams out there and it’s a very old feeling color scheme, which works with pastoral baseball.

Miami Marlins:

Much like the Nats the Marlins wanted to start fresh this year, changing from Florida to Miami and finally getting to play in a baseball stadium. Whoops, they came out with the mess they have now. Heck I’d prefer the generic black and silver look to their current debacle. At least they went with orange and black rather than everyone else who switches to blue and red. But wait, the Orioles and Giants already have black and orange, so it’s not that original anyway. Not to mention the cap logo and font are a disgrace. I mean that hat logo looks like it should be for Miami International Airport, not on a major league ball teams’ hat. So I kept the old color scheme, making teal the primary and black the secondary, with a little orange thrown in there. It harkens to the lively Miami scene and to the Dolphins, beleaguered as they may be lately, still Miami’s first team, and most decorated, and most identified with the area. Plus with teal as the primary they unique and identifiable, which is part of the goal here. They already had an alternate “M” with the fish they could have just swapped in for the “F” logo. Uniform wise I think dropping the black pinstripes for a cream color makes them an interesting mix of modern (teal, black, and orange font) and historic. The alternate keeps the history of the first 20 years around, again swapping out “F” fish for the “M”.
Chicago Cubs:

They’ve got all sort of weird things going on. The bad: those logos on the front hip of the pants, dump them. The good: the NL logos on the sleeve. I wouldn’t mind if all teams wore their respective NL/AL logos on their sleeves. But it’s a good looking uniform. Ditching their blue alternates for solid white, but keeping the bear-C chest logo. I actually find myself liking that alternate design more and more.
St Louis Cardinals:

Come on guys, ditch the navy hats. I’ll give you red hats with navy brims and a navy logo, but you’re the Cardinals, you wear red, it’s that simple. On the away jersey switch up Cardinals for St Louis with the bird on bat thing and it looks sharp. Like the Yankees, you really don’t want to mess around with crazy alternate designs for the Cardinals, heck even if I was allowing colored jerseys I’d still keep the Cards in this cream design with the red “STL” logo on the chest.
Cincinnati Reds:

They really don’t need to do much other than drop the black trim. They are the Reds; embrace the one color, old school style of it all. And I really like their alternate vest design with the “Reds” script rather than just the stylized “C”.
Pittsburgh Pirates:

Another really good design that’s already in place, my one recommendation, drop the red from the logos and jerseys. Pittsburgh is black and yellow; I mean they even wrote a (stupid) song about being black and yellow.

Milwaukee Brewers:

For the Brewers we’ll throw in the old “MB” ball in glove on the hat. But the modern fonts can remain on the jerseys. Meanwhile the alternate is, for the most part, the 80s uniform with a pallet swap.
Los Angeles Dodgers:

Like most of the original franchises, the classic look works. I made a new secondary logo based on their 50th year in L.A. patch. The years on it corresponding to the franchising founding and then relocation to LA. This logo gets swapped in for the LA sleeve logo, which just seems repetitive and unnecessary. Like the Cards and Yankees, a simple switch to cream for their alternates makes the most sense.
San Francisco Giants:

Pretty much did the same thing as with the Dodgers here, taking the 50th in S.F. patch and making it a secondary logo. Also dropped all the gold out, which somehow has been creeping into their designs. Alternate jersey is a simple white with “SF” chest logo, which really looks different for them having grown accustom to their cream uniforms.

Colorado Rockies:

I’m not a fan of purple uniforms, especially for baseball. But I mean when you have this many teams a purple ballclub needs to be in there before unis start getting repetitive. And you know, "purple mountains majesty" and all, so why not. Much like with Seattle and Miami I dropped out the silver elements. It’s a simple design that they have kept intact for a while, and it works, even after I switched up the purple and black in some spots. They’ve really only had one logo, so for a secondary logo I incorporated the mile high theme, rather than the “established 19XX” that you see with a lot of others. A unique touch I think.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

There is certainly something to the old teal, purple, and bronze color scheme, ugly as it may be. But I like the desert feel of the dark red, gold, and black. Though compared to their actual uniforms I curtailed on the black. Also I think the Arizona “A” is much better than the Diamondbacks “D” so I ditched the snake-D logo. Their primary logo might look familiar, yeah it shares a lot with the Coyotes logo, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Uniform wise I ditch the “D-Backs” on the home uniform and put in the just the A. For their alternate I went back to the pinstripes of their original design, and included “Diamondbacks” rather than the awful abbreviated name. It’s one thing to call them the D-Backs, it’s another thing entirely to put it on the jersey.

San Diego Padres:

When I think San Diego I think blue skies, golden sands, clear blue water, and awesome powder blue jerseys. So I use a similar color scheme to what the Chargers (should) have and go with powder blue and brought back in brown from their history. Brown is a rarely used color in sports, so bringing it in give some uniqueness to the design. The light blue and brown go well together also. For the logo and fonts I do like the current ones, and for the alternate the old font and some thick shoulder stripes does the trick.


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