Saturday, December 21, 2013

NHL Uniforms

Here's my NHL set, a lot are pretty much the same as the current uniforms, but you'll see some exceptions. The main thing here was some franchise relocation and expansion, Brooklyn, and Florida lose out for more traditional or logical places of teams; Quebec, Hartford (if only because the Whalers logo and uniform are awesome), Kansas City, and Seattle. Also I wanted to go back to 2 conferences (Wales and Campbell) with 2 divisions each (Adams, Patrick, and Norris, Smythe respectively), going with the traditional old school conference and division names. Hope you enjoy:





Thursday, January 31, 2013

NFL Uniforms

First off, all the uniform templates are designed by wikipedia user JohnnySeoul so thanks to him for creating the backbones for this. Some uniforms that I didn't think needed changes are direct from his art on wikipedia, so all credit to him for giving me something to start with. I hope everyone enjoys my design ideas.

Now some uniform basics that are league wide:
1. No alternate uniforms, just color and white.
2. Teams are allowed a sort of alternate design if they are matching white pants with a white jersey at home during early season warm weather games. Baring the heat, teams wear color at home (looking at you Dallas) and white on the road.
3. Captain patches are gone, it was a nice idea, but its too clunky looking. Maybe a Captain C sticker on the back of the helmets?
4. No logos on the back collar of jerseys like Arizona, Buffalo, and Minnesota do now, that's a bad trend.
5. The idea is to make teams visually distinct and have a design that is recognized easily and associates them with the franchise. Which is also why alternate unis have been ditched and for the most part there is no crazy mix and match with different pants and jerseys, the looks should be easy to identify and associate with a team.


Baltimore Ravens:
Not many significant changes here. The biggest thing is dropping the white pants all together. Added in stripes to make the once solid black pants look better. Also ditching the black socks with black pants, same color socks and pants never work.

Buffalo Bills:
I still identify the Bills with their red helmets from their glory days in the late 80s / early 90s. So that is the primary change here. Also dropped the logo from the back collar of the jersey just can’t be seen in these images, and tried to make their stripe pattern uniform across the helmet, jersey, and pants.

Cincinnati Bengals:
I hate the tiger stripes on the helmet. Before all of these crazy ugly uniforms came about, the tiger stripe helmet was the first crazy/ugly/stupid design out there. Plus they have a great tiger head logo they hardly use that would be perfect on the helmet. Not sure why they have black jerseys, the orange ones look much better. Dumped the Bengals B logo on the chest in favor of the wordmark. I can handle the tiger stripe sleeves and pants stripes, it’s an innovative way to incorporate their identity instead of a traditional stripe style. On the white jerseys I dumped the orange shoulders, kept it limited to the sleeves. They’d look 100 times better with this design over their current one.

Cleveland Browns:
Jersey's stay the same, and keeping the brown pants but adding in some stripes. Big change is the helmet, going to a cleaner white with brown uniform numbers. Still an old fashioned look, and emphasizing brown in favor of orange, since they are the Browns. Also, even though I wouldn't put it on the helmet, I'd make this their official logo instead of just the helmet.

Denver Broncos:
First thing is swapping out the navy blue in favor of the original royal blue, works much better and the navy and orange looks too much like Chicago. While I’ve gotten used to their side stripe jersey design over the past 10+ years, it doesn’t mean it’s good, or that it can’t be improved. So I basically went with a recreation of their 1970s look, with the different color sleeves, but keeping the current logo in place.

Houston Texans:
Like the Browns, they should have kept the Oilers' name and tradition in Houston when they bolted to Tennessee. But Texans is pretty good too. The all navy look is kind of bland, so going with red jerseys at home and red pants on the road. Some simple stripes for a classic look, even though they are the newest franchise.

Indianapolis Colts:
Nothing to change here, it’s a classic look. Though the ultra tight jersey design screws up the shoulder stripes, but what can you really do there?

Jacksonville Jaguars:
I bounced around a few ideas, black and gold would work well, but New Orleans is already identified with that look. So I went with gold as their primary color, and a dark teal as the secondary and black as just an accent color. I suppose the gold jersey isn’t for everyone, but it is something different, and this design is so much better than the mess they wear now.

Kansas City Chiefs:
A classic look, no changes needed.

Los Angeles Raiders:
Like their rivals in Kansas City, the Raiders have an absolute classic already, no need to make changes. With their awful stadium situation in Oakland it seems inevitable they'll move, maybe to San Antonio, but more likely share a new stadium with the Rams in LA.

Miami Dolphins:
As much as I prefer their previous logo and jersey design to what they have now, I suppose the new logo and jersey are growing on me, or maybe I am just getting used to them. But if it was up to me I’d go back to their old logo, but use the lighter colors of their current design, maybe make the aqua a little more green than what it was changed to. I really don’t have a problem with their current number font or emphasis on white in the uniform, so that’s reflected here. I’d also keep their previous wordmark over the new one, which is very bland, and likewise drop the wordmark from the back of the pants where it looks like a tramp stamp.

New England Patriots:
I do like a lot about their current look, but the navy is so bland and boring. Just swap out the navy jerseys for red and I think you really have something. Likewise drop the navy pants when they go with white jerseys just doesn’t look right, so keep silver pants with the red or white jerseys and I think it upgrades things a lot.

New York Jets:
Not really much to change here, I think they have a good look. I don’t like jersey chest patches unless it’s a temporary thing, so getting rid of that in favor a just a wordmark on the center chest.

Pittsburgh Steelers:
A great uniform, just a couple of minor things to fix; the jersey numbers need to go back to a traditional block font, and like the Jets, dump the chest patch logo in favor of a wordmark.

San Diego Chargers:
They've got a good look, but why even bother with the navy in there, everyone loves the old powder blue uniforms. Even if you are going to keep the modern design, just go powder blue.

Tennessee Titans:
Right now I am not really sure if light blue or navy is their primary color, so clearing it up; navy is the primary and also add a little red in there too to reference the Tennessee flag which is part of the logo. I really dislike the different color shoulder for a number of reasons. So I ditched it in favor of some stripes that run from collar to sleeve, perpendicular to your standard stripes on the sleeves. And I have never been a fan of the flames on the logo, so I removed them in favor a simple circle logo with the Tennessee flag stars and T.


Arizona Cardinals:
While they’ve moved around quite a bit, from Chicago to St Louis and finally to Phoenix, they are one of the oldest franchises in the league, so enough with these crazy uniforms, I changed it up to something simple and traditional.

Atlanta Falcons:
I was a big fan of their older red helmet / black jersey style, so I switched back to that look, but kept the current logo. I also kept the modern block shadow font for the numbers, as something to stand out and make them unique.

Carolina Panthers:
After seeing the Panthers go with black jerseys and black pants I had considered adding a black helmet for an all black look, which would make sense for a team called the Panthers. If they were in any other place but Carolina I’d do the all black look, but you’ve got Carolina blue in there, it just looks great, so I made that the primary color, and ditched the silver completely. The jersey design stays the same, minus the color swap.

Chicago Bears:
Another of the few classics left in the league, no need for changes.

Dallas Cowboys:
For one thing, I think they should start wearing their navy jerseys at home, I get the tradition, but hey they haven’t won a playoff game in how long? Might be time to ditch the white-at-home thing. No real need to make changes to their navy jersey, it works. Their white jersey, well the problem is really all the different colors, the Cowboys are navy and silver, yet their white uniform features blue numbers, and bluish-silver pants. Just get all the colors fixed, go with navy and their bluish silver and it works perfect.

Detroit Lions:
They have a good look, but there is no need for the black accents in there, just stick with Honolulu blue and silver and be done with it.

Green Bay Packers:
Yet another timeless design, the green and yellow works perfectly, no changes.

Los Angeles Rams:
At some point there will be a team in Los Angeles again, and it seems like St Louis has never really bonded with the Rams, so let’s put them back in LA. I like the current design, but think the old blue and yellow works better than navy and gold, so swap the colors and I think it’s a great look. While the yellow pants with white jersey isn't bad, I noticed the white on white currently looks good, so that would carry over.

Minnesota Vikings:
Their new uniforms in 2013 are a big upgrade over previous designs. I’d ditch the odd looking number fonts though, and make a few slight changes to the striping, but it still works. Also make sure the purple in the helmets match the purple in the rest of the uniform, they always seem to have a problem with that.

New Orleans Saints:
They already have a great look so long as they stick with the gold pants rather than the black ones.

New York Giants:
Pretty good look, but a few changes. For starters, ditching the NY wordmark on the chest in favor of the GIANTS wordmark. Secondly, the gray pants have to go, they just look dingy. Lastly, for a team who is called big blue, and clearly has blue as their primary color, why is their white/road jersey using solid red numbers and stripes? Switch that to blue and it looks much better.

Philadelphia Eagles:
I like the current design and logo, just not a fan of the colors. So swapping in the old kelly green and a little silver back in. Also simplifying the numbers to old block style with just a simple outline. Now they look really good.

San Francisco 49ers:
Their switch back to the classic look a few years ago was almost perfect. Changes still needed… dump the black outline around the logo on the helmet, fix the sleeve stripes.

Seattle Seahawks:
I guess I have accepted the all blue look as their's. Ditch the silver/gray though, it’s just drab and doesn’t really work with what they have going. Instead focus on the neon green a little more, definitely distinctive. I'm not a fan of all the weird stripes they've got going on the chest, and especially not the word mark on side instead of the center, asymmetry in uniforms drives me nuts. So cut out all weird stripes, and go with a more traditional look, but keep the Native American iconography built in.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
The Bucs new uniforms for 2014 are just a mess, as usual Nike ruined a good thing. While I do really like the current colors, there is something about the old orange look they had that I just think is better. Really the 90s era design with the orange and white would be great. But with neon colors and chrome all the rage now, I think the Bucs would be the good team to use it. Some bright/neon orange with a chrome helmet could work.

Washington Warriors:
The sooner Dan Snyder realizes he needs to change this team’s name the better. Names like Braves, Indians, or Chiefs can work; they aren’t overly offensive on their own. But Washington can’t keep Redskins as their name, it’s not that I am overly offended by it, but using common sense I can see why others would be, and I know some Native Americans see it as source of pride. I'm not one to cave the PC crowd, but I don't see the need to keep this. Simple solution, drop the current logo, go with the old spear logo. Washington Warriors is a name I hear floated as an alternate, and that works for me. I went with the old shoulder stripe design. Main change is dropping the current logo for their old spear design.