Saturday, October 29, 2016

NCAA D-1A Football

Trying to consolidate NCAA top tier football here. Dropping down to 96 teams, 12 schools in 8 conferences. Simply put, win your conference, you get into the 8 team playoff, and conference title games would basically be the first round of the playoffs. With 12 schools in each conference I'd prefer playing all 11 conference opponents, leaving only one non-conference game. This way the top two conference teams get into the championship game regardless of weird and unbalanced division alignments. The rest of current 1-A schools who didn't make the cut would move down to 1-AA.
Basically taking the existing power 5 conferences (64 schools), plus the MWC and AAC (24), the 3 major independents, and then filling in the final 5 based on a combination of post season success, history, geography, and alumni. Conferences like the Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC retain their traditional schools, ACC, SWC, Big East, and Big 8, MWC should look pretty similar.
Uniform wise, the idea is to drop all of these crazy one-off designs and create a solid, identifiable look for each school, home and away. With 96 schools, and keeping their traditional school colors (and uniform design for school who have a legit standard), it isn't easy to make all of these schools unique looking, but I did as much as I could.

American Athletic Conference:
Taking the new AAC brand and applying it to what amounts to the non-Texas Big 12 / original Big 8. Adding in Louisville, Memphis, Northern Illinois, and Tulsa to fill out the 12 spots.

Atlantic Coast Conference:
Most of the traditional ACC schools are here. Rather than bringing back Maryland and South Carolina (they fit better elsewhere) I kept newer ACC recruits Miami and Virginia Tech and brought in East Carolina and Central Florida.

Big 10:
The traditional Big 10 but obvious addition in Notre Dame, it is where they belong, plus throwing in the other big Ohio school Cincinnati. I guess you could rename them the Big 12 if you wanted.

Big East:
Traditional conference schools with BC, UConn, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia. Bringing in other northeast schools with Marshall, Maryland and Penn State, and the military academies at Annapolis and West Point. 

Mountain West Conference:
With most of the  traditional MWC/WAC schools here it looks pretty similar, just adding in some strength with regional schools Utah and BYU.

Really just using the traditional conference slate here, but rather than the new recruits to 12, bringing in Fresno State and Hawaii to keep it on the coast.

Southeastern Conference:
The classic SEC lineup here, including addition South Carolina. Adding in another school was tricky since Arkansas goes back to the SWC. Settled on South Florida, could start up a good conference rivalry with Florida. 

South West Conference:
Bringing back the old SWC, with all the Texas schools and Arkansas. Also adding in a few other southern schools in Southern Miss, Louisiana Tech, and Tulane.