Saturday, March 4, 2017

NHL Uniforms

Let's assume the NHL doesn't stand pat at 31 and goes to an even 32. I figure Seattle would be a good addition to balance out the east and west. Additionally relocating some troubled teams (Islanders and Hurricanes) to to Quebec and Hartford, to bring back the Nordiques and Whalers.
Also bringing back the traditional conference/division names; Smythe and Norris in the Campbell Conference out west, and Patrick and Adams in the Wales Conference in the east.
As a pretty international game I like the idea of putting the players county of origin on the back of the neck with a flag patch.
A couple bigger changes of note:
Chicago Blackhawks; they are the BLACKhawks, never understood why black isn't the primary.
Minnesota Wildcats; Ideally Dallas would have left the North Stars name behind, but with the new franchise, just calling them the Wild is a really weak name. No major pro team goes by the Wildcats, so they could keep all of their identity, just a better sounding nickname.
Tampa Bay Lightning; current set is way too similar to the Leafs, putting black back into their set.
Miami Panthers; firstly going by Miami instead of Florida, since the Lightning are also in state. Secondly, with the Islanders relocated, blue and orange became available, makes them a little more unique, with the red and navy they look too much like the Canadiens.
Anaheim Ducks; going back to their original logo with the new colors.
Vancouver Canucks; their whale logo is just a cheap rip off of the Whalers, the lumberjack in the V is way better.
Seattle Metropolitans; found a great logo for them here.


Patrick Division

Adams Division:


Norris Division:

Smythe Division:

Monday, January 16, 2017

Alternate NFL

So this is a little alternate reality version of my other NFL set same rules apply, but here there was not all the relocation that has happened in the modern era of the NFL. Additionally instead of the Cardinals moving from Chicago to St Louis in 1960, they go to Indianapolis. So you'd have the NFL pretty much as it was with 28 teams prior to 1982, Raiders still in Oakland, Colts still in Baltimore, Oilers still in Houston, Rams never going to and from St Louis. Then you could have a few rounds of expansion to get all of the current NFL cities filled, as well as team in St Louis, and for the heck of it, one in San Antonio to get an even 34. That would make balanced scheduling easy, 17 teams in each conference, you play every conference team once, top 6 teams from each conference make the playoffs.


Baltimore Colts:
Usual classic design here. And would have been great to keep the true legacy from Unitas to Manning all those years.

Buffalo Bills:
Vintage early 90's red helmets, their glory years.

Cincinnati Bengals:
Orange tiger, make them orange, and dump the ugly helmet stripe in favor of this awesome logo that doesn't get nearly enough use now.

Cleveland Browns:
Give them a real logo, move the helmets to a simple and classic white with brown player numbers,

Denver Broncos:
Currently logo, but back to royal blue instead of navy, and some traditional sleeve stripes too.

Houston Oilers:
I understand the love for their baby blues, but I think the Chargers just own that look. The route they went when they moved to Tennessee actually works well, navy the primary and keeping the baby blue as a secondary.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Bring it closer to their original design, but focus on gold instead of black.

Kansas City Chiefs:
Just a classic.

Miami Dolphins:
Back to the late 90's dolphin logo with the helmet, as well as the wordmark, and the greener shade of aqua. Bringing the sleeve and sock stripes back to something similar to their original design.

New England Patriots:
Old school red with the shoulder stripes, but the new logo and silver as well. Much more vibrant than the navy jerseys.

New York Jets:
Blending the old 80's futuristic font with the original logo style and jersey.

Oakland Raiders:
Another timeless classic.

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Yet another classic, just go back to the block numbers and ditch the logo chest patch.

San Diego Chargers:
Go with the powder blues, everyone loves them.

Seattle Seahawks:
Rather than the mono-navy look, break it up with silver/gray pants, neon green is a great contrasting color in there.

St Louis Stallions:
Taking the proposed look, but adding in the black as a more prominent color than the proposed gold, after all the Vikings already have the purple and yellow look down. Obviously taking a lot from the Ravens design and incorporating in here, since it is no longer needed in Baltimore.

Tennessee Titans:
Since they never came over from Houston in this case, they never take the columbia blue color, just navy and yellow from the Nashville flag. Trying to mimic those yellow and navy Packers throwbacks that look so simple and classic.


Arizona Rattlers:
I think the old area league team actually had a decent concept. No team uses a white helmet with a black jersey, I think that looks good. Orange and a bit of blue as the contrasting colors.

Atlanta Falcons:
Modern logo with the old red helmet / black jersey design.

Carolina Panthers:
Can't go wrong with the carolina blue.

Chicago Bears:
A classic that needs no changes:

Dallas Cowboys:
Rather than a conflict mess of navy or royal blue, and silver or blueish silver, just settling on navy and blueish silver throughout the design. Also start wearing the navy at home.

Detroit Lions:
Ditch the unnecessary black contrasts and it is all good.

Green Bay Packers:
Another classic, one of a handful of perfect designs.

Indianapolis Cardinals:
Seems like they could have worked as a classic, midwestern, small city club in Indianapolis. Keeping with that a classic, simple uniform design.

Los Angeles Rams:
Keep the logo and much of the design, just go back to royal blue and yellow.

Minnesota Vikings:
Go back to a normal number font and a bit of a change up in the stripes, that's all that needs to be fixed.

New Orleans Saints:
Go back to the gold gold and the stripe pattern. Classic look.

New York Giants:
Too much red in their way uniform, make it blue and you are set.

Philadelphia Eagles:
Go back to kelly green, emphasize silver over black in the contrasting colors.

San Antonio Texans:
Not letting a good logo and design go to waste. Put the Texans in San Antonio, and just liven them up with red as the primary.

San Francisco 49ers:
A few little tweaks to perfect this classic design.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Keep the pirate flag, but go back to the old orange jersey days.

Washington Redskins:
The spearhead logo and the gold over yellow make this a great looking classic concept.