Saturday, March 4, 2017

NHL Uniforms

Let's assume the NHL doesn't stand pat at 31 and goes to an even 32. I figure Seattle would be a good addition to balance out the east and west. Additionally relocating some troubled teams (Islanders and Hurricanes) to to Quebec and Hartford, to bring back the Nordiques and Whalers.
Also bringing back the traditional conference/division names; Smythe and Norris in the Campbell Conference out west, and Patrick and Adams in the Wales Conference in the east.
As a pretty international game I like the idea of putting the players county of origin on the back of the neck with a flag patch.
A couple bigger changes of note:
Chicago Blackhawks; they are the BLACKhawks, never understood why black isn't the primary.
Minnesota Wildcats; Ideally Dallas would have left the North Stars name behind, but with the new franchise, just calling them the Wild is a really weak name. No major pro team goes by the Wildcats, so they could keep all of their identity, just a better sounding nickname.
Tampa Bay Lightning; current set is way too similar to the Leafs, putting black back into their set.
Miami Panthers; firstly going by Miami instead of Florida, since the Lightning are also in state. Secondly, with the Islanders relocated, blue and orange became available, makes them a little more unique, with the red and navy they look too much like the Canadiens.
Anaheim Ducks; going back to their original logo with the new colors.
Vancouver Canucks; their whale logo is just a cheap rip off of the Whalers, the lumberjack in the V is way better.
Seattle Metropolitans; found a great logo for them here.


Patrick Division

Adams Division:


Norris Division:

Smythe Division: