Saturday, October 29, 2016

NCAA D-1A Football

Trying to consolidate NCAA top tier football here. Dropping down to 88 teams, 11 schools in 8 conferences. Simply put, win your conference, you get into the 8 team playoff, and conference title games would basically be the first round of the playoffs. With 11 schools in each conference you can play all 10 conference opponents, leaving two non-conference games. This way the top two conference teams get into the championship game regardless of weird and unbalanced division alignments, or you could just skip the conference title game altogether. The rest of current 1-A schools who didn't make the cut would move down to 1-AA.
Basically taking the existing power 5 conferences (64 schools), plus the MWC and AAC minus the service academies (22), and the 2 major independents. Conferences like the Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC retain their traditional schools, ACC, SWC, Big East, and former Big 8, MWC should look pretty similar.
For the playoffs I'd try to keep the bowl traditions in place, so you'd have the Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, Cotton, and Peach rotating between the quarter and semi final games, with the championship game bid out every year.
Uniform wise, the idea is to drop all of these crazy one-off designs and create a solid, identifiable look for each school, home and away. With 88 schools, and keeping their traditional school colors (and uniform design for school who have a legit standard), it isn't easy to make all of these schools unique looking, but I did as much as I could.

American Athletic Conference:
Here you have most of the old Big 8 schools, and then add in Tulsa, Memphis, and Louisville and Cincinnati as rivals in the eastern part of the country.

Atlantic Coast Conference:
Most of the traditional ACC schools are in here, adding in the other Florida schools; Miami, UCF, and USF.

Big 10:
I guess we can still call it the Big 10 with 11 teams. Traditional Big 10 group, plus Notre Dame naturally goes in as well.

Big East:
Lots of the traditional Big East football schools, but adding in Penn State where they should have gone, as well as Maryland.

Mountain West Conference:
Taking back the old MWC schools like Utah and BYU, and adding Colorado gives them some more power.

PAC 11:
Going with the traditional PAC 10, but then adding in Hawaii from the MWC. Just seemed ideal for them to be playing in the PAC 10 as a major market draw.

South Eastern Conference:
Again, traditional SEC schools, plus newer recruit South Carolina.

South West Conference:
It is the old SWC schools, and adding in New Mexico from the MWC and Tulane jumps over from the current AAC.

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